They Were Laughing At Me Then Look At What Happen Next....


As a young aspiring business minded young man, who doesn't want to engage in any illegal business to become rich.

My ears was always on ground

Anywhere I hear them talking about business am always present there to learn one or two things.

Some big business men will charge you so much just to give you business information and at the end you will need almost half a million naira to start up such business! what a hell?

I don't even have up to N10,000 in my account how do I raise such a huge amount of money.

I never relent I kept pushing hard and going to business seminars, trainings and workshops.

Every month ending after collecting my salary I always set aside money to attend any business training that might come up.

I knew information is power, I have read that in several books that was writing by world richest business men so I kept pushing till I get the real information on this Business.

Which Business you may ask?

You will find out soon...

Many of my friends called me a fool.

They said I am just a dreamer looking for what doesn't exit.

They told me my father is a nobody so I can never do such business in Nigeria since I don't know anyone in government.

Most of my salary went into diverse business information while my friends were busy buying the latest phones, clothes and shoes in vogue.

Finally I went to a business training one day and the unexpected happened?

Want to know what happen?

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